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artimelt combines many years of experience with a high degree of innovation; for future-oriented and sustainable solutions. artimelt is always looking for something special and supports its customers on a partnership basis to help them be competitive in their market.

Linerless labels offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to classic labels for various applications. The choice of adhesive is a decisive factor for successful application. hot melt adhesives are easy to apply and meet all important requirements: Removability from the silicone layer, no contamination of rollers and cutting knives, secure adhesion to the product.

At the same time, artimelt linerless adhesives are made of raw materials that comply with FDA regulations 21 CFR 175.105 and are certified by ISEGA for direct contact with food.

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Company name:
Artimelt AG

Type of products:
Hot melt adhesives in various technologies such as linerless, low-peel, removable etc. or applications such as medical, security, transportation etc.


Company phone number:
+41 41 926 05 00

Main contact person:
Gabriele Prampolini, Technical Sales Manager

Phone number main contact person:
+41 41 926 05 33

Email address main contact person: