As an integrated producer, we are manufacturing more than 100 different grades of thermal paper based on our own base paper and export them into over 50 different countries. We are part of the Japanese Oji Group, one of the world market leaders for sophisticated thermal papers. Technical know-how and a deep understanding of customers’ needs are the foundations for our high-quality and intensive customer service. We have decades of experience with labels, cooperating successfully with customers and suppliers of the thermal industry. One of our strengths is the development of application-specific products such as our thermal papers for linerless materials. KANZAN thermal papers for labels are your guarantee for total reliability.


Company name:
KANZAN Spezialpapiere GmbH

Type of products:
KANZAN thermal papers are particularly suitable for the production of linerless labels, as we only recommend paper with a top coat or barrier coat for this application. These are namely: KL-LI 45, KLS 46, KLS 56 and KLRB 46B (red & black image).


Company phone number:
+49 2421 5924-0

Main contact person:
Walter Kusenbach

Phone number main contact person:
+49 178 5924700 (mobile)

Email address main contact person: