MELTAVIS GmbH is specialized in the development and production of hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives, with a focus on demanding end applications such as technical tapes and in particular labels and labelstock. Our hotmelt for this industry is efficiently produced at most modern production facilities and filled into pillows fibre drums and exported worldwide.

Brightmelt PS 1230 is widely used for the production of linerless labels. This ISEGA institute approved adhesive offers an extremely low face stock migration and permanent bonding on various substrates such as paper, film or cardboard.

Brightmelt PS 1340 is an excellent solution for linerless labels who are applied at very low temperatures far below the freezing point. PS 1340 features an outstanding tack performance in cool conditions down to -25°C and offers an excellent adhesion to a wide range of packaging films as well as cardboard.


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hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives based on thermoplastic rubber or UV-acrylic polymers.


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+49 7622 9017 250

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Peter Hölzle

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+49 7622 9017 250

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