Savaré is a family-owned Company with an international presence and a long tradition of research and innovation.

Our technological know-how, developed over decades, provides the main ingredient to the realization of products with a true impact on real life, capable of giving new and substancial comfort to many everyday situations.

When in the 70s hot-melt glues appeared on the market, Savaré already had more than 40 years of experience in adhesives and specialty chemicals, and immediately turned to the new technology. Today is an international leading supplier of hot-melt adhesives, and uses its know-how, quality and technical expertise to serve highly demanding hot melt applications in many industries.”


Company name:
Savaré Specialty Adhesives

Type of products:
Hot Melt Adhesives


Company phone number:
+39 02 38 00 66 96

Main contact person:
Mr. Lorenzo Stella (Sales Manager)

Phone number main contact person
+39 345 48 44 780

Email address main contact person: